FVNMAS 2019 Program 8

Program 8: BFA EXPO
The Comedy Club by Madolyn Rusen, 5:30
Addiction by Chris Tsai, 10:00
Beneath U by Elena Chimaera, 3:39
Hide & Seek by Hyojin Im & Susan Rhee, 8:25
Cora: One Step by Jay Thakkar, 2:45
Here We Come by Anthony Presley, 7:35
The Last Forgiveness by Mengyue Han, 8:04
Distressed, Angry and Sane by Eli Lira, 1:25
Dreamland by Xinyu Li, 1:28
The Stream of Consciousness by Hill Yim, 5:26
The Setting Sun by Joyce Jiao, 5:30
There are no dates set yet, please check back later or contact Gene Siskel Film Center at 312-846-2085 for ticket availability.